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Mette Svendsen E-mail
Bente Brandseth-Stiller

About us…

Mette is living in the south-west of Norway, in the countryside near Farsund, with her family: husband Jan, their two daughters Catherine & Amalie, the bullmastiffs & bulldog, four horses, cats and a bunny.

Bente is living in the east, about two hours drive south from Oslo, in the countryside of Porsgrunn, with her family: husband Istvan, and the kids Marius & Mariette, the bullmastiffs & bulldog, one Icelandic horse & two cats.

Both Mette and Bente has always been into dogs, growing up in familys with dogs. Bente got her first bulldog in 1994, loves them, these little clowns, and than the first bullmastiff, Dorthe, in 1999. This turned out to be my favourite breed.

We met several years ago, when Mette was in the search for her first bullmastiff, and Bente was “breed-informer” for NBK (Norwegian Bullmastiff Club).  At that time is was not possible to get a puppy in Norway, so Mette imported one from UK, Dennis.

We had so similar view on “dog-life”, our children is about same age, and we all enjoyed each others company, we`ve spend a lot of weekends and vacations together this years. Each others second family...

We decided to team up, under the prefix “Wrinklechops”. Our goal is to breed healthy dogs, with excellent temper, the dogs being so big and strong, this is “alfa omega”. And of course, it has to also look as a bullmastiff & bulldog.

We travels a bit around, to dog-shows, and we also try to educate our selves, by taking some courses and seminars, about dogs (and horses) health and minds... - always room for learning more, about our four-legged best friends.